I'll give it a shot

Hello to whoever is reading this (so probably no one) I'm Eloise and I've never really blogged before but I've got a whole lot to say so I figure I might as well give it a shot. This website is for my music and I think the most unique thing about that is that it all came from the same place.....my brain. Whether it was while I was sitting on my porch, cleaning my room, serving yet another session of detention, or that moment right before you're about to fall asleep; it all came to my brain at one point in time and I then made it into what it is now. So I guess I figured I'd let you all into this mystery of a brain a little further. Most people that know me would probably describe me as insane and those who don't are probably too scared to find out what that crazy blonde girl running the halls like a maniac is really all about. well for those of you that haven't gotten to know me, this here is it: I love music more than anything in the whole world. I am always singing and I am always thinking of melodies and lyrics in my head. I really don't like the phrase "grow up" because I think it's important to keep some of that magic you had as a kid in you forever. Yes, I will be that 40 year old woman still trick or treating no matter how many people turn me down, curse me out, or throw things at me. I am not afraid to say what I think is right, usually resulting in one of those detentions I mentioned earlier, and I really don't hate that many people. I don't hold grudges cause life's too short and most of the time I'm too focused on ice cream or butterflies to care anyways. As for the future, I hope that one day I can make people smile the way the music I love makes me smile. I am, however, aware that it's one in a million but I mean someone's gotta be that one so who knows! For now I guess I'm just trying to stay in the present as much as I can cause I'm only 16 once and then boom it's gone. I think life is too great to be wasted on things that don't matter and I remind myself that everyday when I wake up. So yup that's pretty much me, that's Eloise Sharkey. Not too fascinating but I mean like I said I'm just giving this whole thing my best shot.